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So yesterday I kicked myself in the head (Not literally of course, but boy I wish that kind of flexibility).

If any of you imaginary readers know me (Okay two of the not-so imaginary ones do but whatever), you know I'm a video game geek at heart. Sure I've broadened the span of my geekdom to include comics and fantasy books/novels, but that's where my main font of geekdom lies. Now I'm not as obsessive as some people I know, but over the course of... 11 years (Or nearly 11 because I got my first console, a N64 for Christmas in 98) I've bought several games, played some of them, and then never or rarely touched them again. It's not that I didn't like them, I just never kept up with them like I should have, some because I got more games that took up my time, and some because... I just got lazy.

So I decided, after being bitched out by [ profile] jennally  for not finishing Silent Hill 3 and Resident Evil 4 (WELL I'M SORRY BUT I DON'T HANDLE SURVIVAL HORROR WELL) to go through my games and beat a set amount of games every week.

The list of games to beat, in order of play:

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Yes yes I KNOW, I fail so hard but after I spent hours combing through all the other dungeons I didn't want to finish the last one e.e)
Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht (Again, at the last level, but I heard my characters would need to be at least level 60 to beat the last dungeon and they're like 45-50)
Silent Hill 3 (Uhh... I think I'm in the sewers right now, why does every Survival Horror game need a sewer level? It's like the ice and fire levels in Action games)
Shadow of The Colossus (Because I haven't played it AT ALL since I got it, I think it's still got that new game smell- Yep it does)
Ninja Gaiden (Never finished it when I had my original Xbox, but I started a new file on my 360 a couple months ago)
Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy (At the Aura viewing level or whatever.)
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (It shames me, that as much as I like the X-Men I never bothered to finish this. No idea where I am in this)

There are probably more but I can't think of them.

Right now I'm only doing the first 4, out of those I think Silent Hill 3 and Shadow of The Colossus will take the longest but who knows, hopefully this won't kill me.

Wish me luck y'all.



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