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I've said most of what I wanted to say about Michael Jackson's passing except for one thing.

Leave him alone.

Now is not the time to be discussing any prior misdeeds he was accused of and found not guilty in committing (I strongly doubt it was true the first time, and I REALLY doubt it the second, far too much has come out about his accuser and his family that makes his whole story completely questionable), a man is dead. Let's focus on what's important here, like the three young children who are grieving for their father, his siblings who have lost their brother and his mother has to watch her son be put into the ground.

I don't care how you felt about him, think about them. There isn't a mother on this earth who deserves to bury her own child, no mother ever thinks that they will outlive their children and her pain must be immense.

Let his family have some time to come to terms with their grief in peace, without having to hear about what kind person their father/son/brother might have been.

Now if you'll excuse me Imaginary Readers, I'm going to listen to You Are Not Alone for the fifth time today.


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